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  • With the rapid advancement in communication technology, traditional means of business communications aren’t enough. Communication is essential for the smooth working of a business. It is necessary to keep ourselves updated with the latest communication methods. By upgrading connectivity in your organisation, you can optimise productivity as well.
  • VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that enables the users to make or receive phone calls over the internet in real-time. Although it works similar to standard means of telephonic conversation, the mechanics are vastly different. Traditional telephonic systems are rigid, but VoIP offers impressive flexibility and mobility. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can enjoy voice calling options from anywhere, anytime, via laptops, PCs, basically any device connected to the internet.
  • At SETUP I.T., we understand the need for constant up-gradation to match paces with the dynamic digital world. When it comes to structured cabling for voice, we offer D-Link, CommScope and Molex networking solutions. We provide unmatched VoIP services to all small to large-scale companies and help tie up your workforce together by bettering communication.
Comparatively Inexpensive
  • Compared to traditional phone call methods, VoIP is relatively affordable to a broader range of customers. For conventional phone services, you have to pay a minimum of thousands of bucks for on-site hardware. But when it comes to VoIP, no such hardware is required, all you need is a good internet connection, and you’re ready to go.
Free Long-Distance Calls
  • Long-distance calls are no joke when you are using a traditional calling system. Especially in the case of international calls, the price is pretty high, as they charge on a per-minute basis. There are absolutely no free means of long-distance calling. While in VoIP, distance is not a factor; you can make international calls entirely free or pay minimum charges. It is a vast improvement when it comes to worldwide communication.
Additional Business Features
  • When it comes to incorporating additional business features to step up the communication pipeline of your company, traditional means can prove to be pretty costly as no extra features are available by default. On the other hand, VoIP comes with standard business features like call forwarding, voice mail, etc. So, you can enjoy additional features, free of cost. At SETUP I.T. we also provide Data Rack and Voice Rack dressing.
Easily Add Extensions
  • Expansion, in the case of traditional phone services, can prove to be pretty challenging. Additional physical cable lines are required to be installed. But in the possibility of VoIP extension can be achieved in just a few clicks on the admin control panel. With SETUP I.T.’s excellent VoIP services, you get complete control over the entire communication network of your business.

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