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  • Communication is considered the key element in any successful business. It is essential to have all branches of your organisation regularly stay connected with each other to streamline the workflow. When it comes to creating an interconnected network, routing and switching are the two sharpest arrows in your quiver.
  • A switch is what connects every device to facilitate data transfer. It connects computers, servers, printers and other devices. So, the available resources can be shared optimally. The connected devices via a switch can interchange information among each other regardless of their geographical location.
  • A router is what connects multiple switches. If switches create several small independent networks, routing combines all those individual networks to form an even more extensive network over a large area. In addition to connecting several switches over multiple locations, a router also enables the connected devices to access the internet.
  • At SETUP I.T., we provide exceptional routing and switching services for your organisation, which will help maintain healthy network communication and boost your business’s growth.
Good Communication
  • An integrated approach to routing and switching enables all your employees to have equal access to the company’s resources and be a part of a healthy communication network. No matter where they are geographically located, every worker can enjoy equal ease accessing data from remote computers as those situated in the headquarters.
One Organised System
  • When you hire a SETUP I.T. router and switch services for your organisation, you are putting an end to all the chaos caused by several individually managed systems running mutually exclusive of one another. We treat the whole network as one big governing body that controls the order and organisation of all the present methods in the network.At SETUP I.T. we also offer networking and cabling products of D-link and CommScope.
Enhanced Security
  • Any business consists of several computers or nodes present at different locations, using data transfer to stay connected. The greater the number of devices, the greater is the threat of data tampering. Instead of ensuring cybersecurity for each node in the network, it is far more efficient to provide well-rounded network security by treating the network as a whole rather than being divided into several components. When it comes to server and network rack, we provide options of APC, Net Rack, Comm Rack, etc.
Cost Efficiency
  • SETUP I.T. provides cost-effective routers and switching services for all major to minor businesses. By choosing the most efficient route for directing information in data packets inside a network, we ensure optimal usage of time and resources.

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