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  • Intelligent and flexible communication is the key to the smooth operation of a business. It is essential to make sure that all sectors of your organisation are in perfect sync. In the age of dynamic enterprises, diversified employee rules call for flexible communication.
  • EPABX stands for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It acts as a switching system for calls that enables internal and external switching functions in a multi-storied administrative building. EPABX is an intercom system where an electronic device provides two-way communication by sending and receiving audio and video transmissions.
  • SETUP I.T. is a leading vendor of EPABX solutions. We offer easy installation, setup and help your organisation build a strong communication network, which acts as a stepping stone for enhanced prosperity.
Hybrid Communication
  • EPABX ensures effective resource utilisation. It is the best way of optimising your resources for communication, as you can handle multiple data transmissions from one place. It is an excellent example of a future-proof investment. By installing the EPABX system, you enable yourself to have complete control over all operational costs. Build up a robust communication system by collaborating with your entire workforce, and see the difference in workflow. At SETUP I.T., under our Server and Network Rack services, we provide APC, Netrack and Comm Rack varieties too.
Multi-Location Telephony
  • EPABX offers one-touch access to all users. Intra-office and long-distance business calls can generate a pretty high monthly overhead cost. EPABX is the best solution to make communication cost-effective. It offers centralised management and provides an easy way of extracting call detail records to check. It allows you to maintain healthy communication with field employees using mobile and PC client applications.
Optimised Mobility
  • EPABX is the way of maximising customer convenience. Enhancing collaboration with remote and mobile workers can help bring the whole workforce together. It allows mobile employees to avail the capabilities of the office desk phone and access call management features on the go. EPABX increases connectivity by receiving a call back on mobile phones in missed calls on office extensions. It also has advanced features such as instant messaging, audio conferencing, video calling, email integration, etc. At SETUP I.T., we offer D-Link and CommScope’s excellent networking and cabling products as well.
Media Gateway Services
  • EPABX offers an array of gateway services specific to every need of customers. Along with providing investment protection, it also allows integration with any existing PBX. It is an excellent means of extending convenient connectivity to new-age networks. At SETUP I.T., we offer easy management and faster communication via our EPABX solutions, providing an essential productivity boost to your organisation.

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