Data Center Management

Data Center Management - Setup I.T. Delhi
  • Setup I.T. designs your overall security as its top precedence and ensures that your server is protected by locked cages. Our datacenter architects are well qualified to data center design, maintenance and operations. We enable a hi-available, flexible, safe and efficient mission critical Data Center environment for both new and existing sites
  • Setup I.T. prepared to withstand any kind of calamities with all the securities parameters at every nook and corner.
  • We employ virtualization and blade servers for advantage of usage and space efficiencies thus easing your cost effectively. Infact, we are known in the industry for our cost-effective datacenter services. Be assured of our cooling system as we take into account array of operating temperatures for our datacenter unit, individual units and racks.
  • For your reliability and assurance consideration, we provide a service level agreement that binds us by a contract to your projects. This service legal document depicts our working hours, downtime, our response time to appeal for modification in service and our service provision time. There are many more clauses too for ease of functionality.
  • By being connected to Setup I.T., be assured of fulfillment of all your considerations without any fuss or flurry. We know your worries and attend to them as per your specification.
Environmental control
  • Stable atmospheric conditions are fundamental for smooth and reliable functioning of your datacenter. Therefore, environmental monitoring and control is crucial for maximizing system reliability and stability (devoid of any upheavals). Where environmental control is considered, the prime focus is temperature, humidity, wetness and airflow.
  • Setup I.T. looks into each of these minute aspects and ensures a highly stable environment for smooth operation. Where temperature is taken into consideration, we maintain a temperature range (21-23 degrees aka 70-74 degree Fahrenheit) as well as humidity range that is apt for the working conditions. It also has an advantage of allowing a safe buffer zone for disaster combating during cooling and air conditioning failure. This ensures non-stop work continuation.
Electrical power
  • For any datacenter network, electrical power is the crux of operation. Therefore, it becomes vital to ensure an unperturbed flow of electricity for evading any kind of calamity owing to it. Setup I.T., being the pioneer datacenter management company pays need to every aspect of operation and the same stands true in case of electric power flow. Every aspect of electrical power infrastructure undergoes scrutiny for enhanced performance of datacenter activity. From electrical service access of the building to prime distribution, batteries, generators, uninterruptible power supply distribution panel, transformers , surge protection, circuit breakers, voltage level, required features on rack mount PDUs, electrical circuit, remote management capabilities and number / type of outlets on rack-mount PDUs; every phase is evaluated.
  • Any datacenter requires system that provision more scalability, flexibility and control. Datacenter control and scrutiny is an enormously critical element for maintaining utmost accessibility for imperative operations. Therefore, Setup I.T. extends its centralized management services with out- of -band capability for optimum datacenter control. With centralized management, you have a control on appliances that further can be connected to serialized devices, power supply units, servers and ecological monitoring. Centralized control also enables multiple server monitoring and network device control. Setup I.T. control management includes control system that is highly reliant, cost-effective, easy to implement and organize and easily manageable. Our control management program is inclusive of :
  • Network safety andpenetration appraisal
  • Datacenter/cooling/facility power review
  • Storage inspection
  • IT infrastructure and connectivity evaluation services
  • Air quality inspection
  • Performance management
  • Capacity planning
  • Site assessment of databases, systems and networks
  • Layered security administration (applications, process, physical, network, datastore and applications)
Structured Cabling
  • Relying on our affluent and competent user base, Setup I.T. has established itself as a network service provider all across India. We undertake low voltage network cable services too like prearranged cabling solutions for voice, LAN networking solutions, cabling audit services, fiber optic cabling for industrial sites, LAN troubleshooting, data networks and cable management services. Our troubleshooting services are available 24*7 throughout the year.

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