Get the Best-in-Class Computer AMC Services at Setup IT
  • An entire network of computers is responsible for streamlining the workflow of any organisation. Like a firmly rooted tree grows up to be friendly and healthy, we must make sure the spine, based on which the entire business is standing, regularly maintained and kept in proper shape.
  • Whenever you purchase a new computer, it comes with a warranty period. But what happens when that's over? This is when AMC computer service providers come into play. Our experts offer the best computer annual maintenance contract services along with regular monitoring of your computers and nip any issues in the bud. Once you hire a computer AMC service expert, you no longer have to worry about computers malfunctioning and hinder your office's workflow. At Setup IT, we provide protective maintenance for your system. Our goal is to provide our customers with top-notch AMC services for computer users and focus on individual projects at a time to get the best results.
  • Here, at Setup IT, we offer the best annual maintenance contract for computers at the most amazing prices.
Computer Maintenance
  • In the entire IT industry, computer maintenance services are probably the most common need. Be it hardware or software, maintenance services are required often in all small and large-scale companies. At Setup IT, we monitor maintenance, CPU repair, etc., under our computer AMC contract. We enable you to get all your PC repair needs to be sorted under one roof.
Virus/Spyware Protection
  • If there's one thing that can make tech-savvies break a cold sweat, then that is a computer virus. There are different kinds of viruses, some more harmful than others. Spywares often present threats to data security. Some viruses can render a well-functioning computer in a useless state. So, to stop this malware from entering your computer system, it is essential to perform regular check-ups and enforce strong protection measures. Setup IT is a leading computer AMC service provider that offers desktop AMC service in Delhi for effective security techniques.
Remote Services
  • At Setup IT, we offer remote PC and system AMC services. Especially for large-scale companies having various branches, remote AMC for computer maintenance often becomes an unresolved issue. We provide on-call support along with mail support. Our remote services enable your entire workforce to run smoothly without having to worry about running into maintenance-related topics. Under our structured cabling services, we offer Data Rack and Voice Rack Dressing along with our AMC for DATA and voice cabling.
Cost-Effective Rates
  • Our dedicated team of experts provides computer AMC services in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Our fixed annual rates are not only affordable, but also allow for easy budgeting. We follow preventative maintenance measures, where we perform routine checks on your PC to keep all possible issues at bay.