Integrate Biometric to Take Your Security System to the Next Level with SETUP I.T.
  • How many times have you come home from grocery shopping, struggling to get the key in the lock with your hands complete? Remember that one time when you forgot to bring your keys and got locked out of your own home? Nightmares, for sure. Now, imagine using your fingerprint to unlock doors, be it in your home or office, sounds like something straight out of a movie. No more fussing over a bunch of keys every time you go out because all you need is the touch of one finger, and voilà!
  • Most people live under the misconception that incorporating biometrics in the traditional lock and key security systems costs a fortune. It turns out it’s a myth. Biometrics is a pretty inexpensive and far more efficient way of safeguarding your assets.
  • At SETUP I.T., we provide excellent biometric machine installation services for both homes and offices. We set you up with the latest technology version to step up your safety measures by a long leap.
Better Security
  • It is a proven fact that biometric systems provide a much higher safety standard than the regular lock-and-key system. Here, there are no loopholes in security, as a predefined computer algorithm control everything. No scope for any unauthorised person tampering with the lock. Biometrics are used in research facilities, airport security, and even banking sectors because of their greater need for security. Keys can get misplaced or fall into the wrong person’s hands, but every fingerprint is unique, thus eliminating any chance of duplicity.
How Does It Work?
  • Have you ever wondered how a biometric security door lock works? The authorised person must first enter their physical characteristics into a scanner, which then gets converted into a unique numeric algorithm stored in a separate database. Once the data has been saved, every time the authorised person provides the same fingerprint, the fingerprint reader scans and recognises it, granting access in return. At SETUP I.T., our biometric services include the likes of CP Plus, Hikvision and I-Secure.
  • This biometric signature is unique for every person, and it is what makes biometric home security systems one of the most reliable safety protocols.
  • SETUP I.T. provides the best biometric security solutions at amazingly affordable rates. At first, though, it may seem like a luxury, but biometric security systems prove to be much more cost-effective than ordinary ones in the long run. No worries about spending a bunch of money on a locksmith every time you forget your keys. Enjoy a lifetime of optimum safety for a one-time investment with biometric security systems.

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