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  • We all got acquainted with CCTV cameras from all those detectives and crime thriller shows on TV. The one-piece of technology that always came in handy at the end of the day. Well, CCTV surveillance has become quite common in today’s world. Be it offices or schools, or even shopping malls, CCTV installation has become the norm.
  • Nowadays, even home CCTV installations are not rare; as they say, better be safe than sorry. But one of the most common questions that arise when it comes to CCTV camera installation is whether you should do a DIY job or hire professional help. Well, we advise you to avoid DIY simply because it is always the best option to leave the technical side of things to trained professionals who are less prone to make mistakes that can result in unoptimized usage.
  • There are numerous CCTV installation companies out there, so you must be wondering why you should choose SETUP I.T. for your job. Have a look at our outstanding services!
Ensure Optimal Coverage
  • When it comes to CCTV installation, people often find it challenging to choose a location to mount the camera, from where they will get the maximum coverage. Our trained technicians can help you figure out the best spot. We make sure that you can cover the maximum area possible with the minimum number of cameras to optimise your investment.
Types of CCTV Cameras
  • There are various types of CCTV cameras available. Nowadays, most people use wireless CCTV cameras since they require minimum trouble for installation and are easy to control. But there are other kinds of cameras to choose from like bullet cameras fixed and only point in one direction. Then there are dome cameras, mainly used in shopping malls and corporate offices, which provide a full 360-degree view. We, at SETUP I.T., provide you with the options of CP Plus, Hikvision, I-Secure, etc.
Technical Aspects
  • While installing CCTV cameras, there are certain technical aspects that you have to keep in mind. One of the key elements is storage. There are different options for storing the recorded HD videos. You can either store them locally on your computer’s hard disk, or you can opt for cloud storage also, where the videos will be saved online. Depending on the storage capacity, you can decide the duration of videos that you want to store. SETUP I.T. offers fantastic tech support in CCTV installation services. We also make sure that you get remote access so that you can monitor your CCTV camera anytime, anywhere!

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