Optical Networking

Experience the Highest Quality Optical Networking Services at Setup I.T.
  • As we progress in the digital world, the need for increased bandwidth and flexibility goes on increasing. There's practically no stopping point as the requirements keep soaring. There is no one fit, every business has different needs, and Setup I.T. is here to offer intelligent optical networking solutions to cater to all the varied needs of our clients. We provide multiservice transport services, optical encryption, integrated performance monitoring, access-to-core- OTN switching, etc. If you are wondering why you should choose our services, take a look below.
Disaggregated Optical Networks
  • Disaggregated optical networking systems are the day's demand, and at Setup I.T., we prioritise keeping up with the trends. Our strive for innovation and constant up-gradation makes us a customer favourite and a go-to name in the industry. We offer disaggregated optical networking systems that feature spectrum, programmable high-performance transmission, OTN switching, etc. Our team is looking to assemble such innovative optical networks with best-of-breed subsystems featuring well-defined control interfaces.
High Margin Business Services
  • Interconnection among various corporate locations, data centres, etc., is essential to keep up a proper communication system. This is why service providers nowadays sell profitable L1 transport services like Ethernet, Fibre Channel, etc., to enterprises. These services, however, have never been very economical or easy to access. Setup I.T. is working on a path to revolutionise L1 services with our innovative solutions and time-saving methodologies to enhance customer satisfaction.
High Flexibility and Security
  • At Setup I.T., we understand the reason behind the rising need for flexibility in optical networks. Our core team is working day in and day out to provide our clients with the most flexible network architecture perfect for all their needs. We also have it high on the agenda to ensure a highly protected network system to preserve the integrity of our client's data. It is on us to make sure that you enjoy the highest level of security and have your network avoid all kinds of threats and privacy breaches.
Trained Workforce
  • We boast a well-skilled and trained workforce that is exceptionally capable of handling all issues at hand. Our clients enjoy the highest quality optical networking services provided by actual experts in the domain, who have been working in this field for years. At Setup I.T., we give you a chance to savour the taste of good quality service at affordable rates as you get to choose a suitable package from our wide range of schemes available.