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Welcome to Setup I.T. - a high magnitude venture that takes care of all your IT needs.

In the swarm of innumerable “IT infrastructure management companies”, each promising the best of industry, “Setup I.T.” stands out for its progressive vision, high-end services and widespread global presence. Our specializations is not only IT infrastructure management but also have diversified into provisioning IT facilities for gratifying business demands.

An enterprise of high propensity, our extensive services can be comprehended into IT infrastructure management, datacenter management, energy specification (energy efficiency, green house gas efficiency), cabling standards for datacenter and rack design & management. Our core competencies are server management, system management, network management and security management. Our datacenter management services are inclusive of datacenter requirement as well as datacenter consideration (that is anthology of environmental control, low voltage cable routing, fire protection, electrical power control and security).

SetupIT IT Management Company in Delhi
SetupIT IT Management Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon NCR

Our infrastructure management services in compliance with our IT support facilities ensure maximized application availability and optimal presentation for your venture, thus ensuring high-level profitability and efficiency for your network.

Our customer profile is a widespread amalgamation of ventures of varied arenas that is inclusive of insurance and health care, banking and financial sector, life science, retail, entertainment, leisure & tourism, energy and utilities, public sector unit, communication and software ventures.

Equipped with creative dedicated team, a universal delivery model and cohesive synergies, we have been successfully delivering our time-bound services to clients within the nation as well as across the globe. With our motto of 100 Percent customer satisfaction at all levels, we also undertake IT support projects for a year or more. Our customer support facility has been a mark of professionalism with our executives being available to resolve queries of all nature at any hour for 365 days.

Setup I.T. with its client service policy has the infrastructure to embark on big projects and at the same time is open to the idea of commencing low budget projects too. Our services help our clients reduce their downtime by more than 50% and upraise utilization rapidly. Our quest to deliver the best in IT infrastructure management services and support has been intensified considerably by our agile, flexible and discriminatory sourcing approach.

Our price quote is another fact that makes us stand- out amongst the intensely cutthroat and crowded market. With packages of great affordability, beginners as well as multi million networks can utilize Setup I.T. services with ease.

To make the best of our extended services and prolific approach, we recommend a mail from you to our website. Be reassured of immediate attendance and most conducive service.